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Project Qpi3p

All you need to be real.


Do You like to be a marionette?

Neither do I.

To get the answers, never stop asking questions…

Project Qpi3p – new stuff for new future…

Wake up!!!

Your Life – Your Choice

The strongest power is the knowledge.

The essence of knowledge is to always find the real information.

Asking correct questions gives all the answers.

Being aware is the treasure we have.

Total awareness is the main source for the perfect projection of life.

All You need to do is to realize that your life is Your choice.

You may do so by learning what your feeling tells you…

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Qpi3p Pronunciation

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Project Qpi3p mission is to bring the awareness to all those who wants to wake up and be real.

Various industries for various demands…

Covering many aspects of life, Project Qpi3p is inducing freedom of perception through various quality products and services for the purpose of bringing genuine joy.

Project Qpi3p Strategy


Make the World better and the people happier.
Induce freedom of perception. Unlock the genuine joy. Stabilize the good mood.


Word – image – tone.
Writing, designing, creating, combining…
Creative industry, personal development, various quality products and more…


Basic means: knowledge, truth, quality
Fine means: art, style
Extra means: energy, motivation, inspiration, joy


To create a perfect world.

Project Qpi3p Message

Wake up and become a master of Your life!

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One must know when to persist or not.

One must always persist in one’s own heart.

…immerse in Project Qpi3p…

Wake up! and get Your Freedom of Perception now!

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